Kids Club

We offer a wide range of fun activities and games which are guaranteed to keep your children entertained for hours. Art Attack, Mini Olympics, Make & Bake and Talent Show to name but a few.

There is a morning session from 9am-12pm and an evening session from 5pm-10pm. This gives parents that well deserved time for themselves to enjoy a relaxing spa treatment, a peaceful dinner or a quiet drink in the bar.

Also included in the club is breakfast during the morning session and dinner during the evening session.

The Morning Club

  • Meet at Kids Club registration desk at 9am
  • Breakfast in restaurant between 9-10am
  • Activities from 10-12pm
  • Collection at Kids Club registration desk at 12pm

The Evening Club

Meet at Kids Club registration desk at 5pm

  • Activities from 5-6pm
  • Dinner 6-7pm
  • Activities 7-8.30pm
  • Movie & popcorn 8.30-10pm
  • Collection at Kids Club registration desk at 10pm

Club Rules & Regulations

  1. The Kids Club will incur a charge of €15 per child and €13 for any subsequent children (if not included in package).

  2. All Children must be aged 4yrs+ to attend the mini explorers club.

  3. Parents must sign their children in and out of each session of the club they are attending. Under no circumstances will children be allowed to leave unless they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

  4. Food order must be given when signing in during evening registration – 5.00-5.15pm.

  5. Bad behavior will not be tolerated; this includes (but not limited to) bad language and abuse of any kind towards the mini explorer team or fellow participants.


Special Offers